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FSE Power Boost Valve VK-384-VR6-H

Audi A4 2.6 Litre Inc
Quattro 1994-Onwards

This auction is for a brand new FSE power boost valve Please Note These Valves will Only Fit Manual Models With Multi Point Injection.


The Power Boost Valve is a high performance tuning part which replaces the original equipment valve (fitted to the vehicle). 
range of models are available to suit a wide variety of European cars,
which almost certainly includes yours.  FSE are continually developing
new designs to expand the number of applications.
FSE outline the benefits of the Power Boost Valve by drawing a comparison evaluation:
Ref:  Original Equipment Fuel Pressure Control Valve
electric fuel pump supplies fuel at a high pressure to the fuel rail
and injectors, which is then regulated by a fuel pressure control
valve. Typically, the regulator is not adjustable and is pre-set to a 3
bar maximum pressure.  At idle the fuel pressure valve reduces it by
0.5 bar approximately to 2.5 bar.  When accelerating quickly from
standstill the fuel pressure increases at a proportional rate retaining
a lean fuel mixture strength as required by the E.E.C. for new
vehicles.  However, the resultant effects of the standard valve produce:

  • lethargic throttle response
  • occasional drivability problems at slow traffic speeds
  • intermediate performance ‘flat spots’ when accelerating

By comparison:
Ref:  Power Boost Valve (replacement)
Firstly, this valve has an adjustable fuel pressure, effected by the movement of an adjustment screw on the crown of the unit.
Power Boost Valves are pre-set with a maximum fuel pressure of 2.5, 3.0
or 3.5 bar, depending on the vehicle in question, and similarly (to the
original valve) the fuel pressure is reduced by 0.5 bar approximately
at idle.   There the similarities end.
On acceleration from
standstill the Power Boost Valve fuel pressure will increase at 1.7
times the standard rate.  This will produce a healthy, strong fuel
mixture strength which will instantly improve the drivability of your
vehicle, providing:-

  • instant throttle response
  • removal of performance flat spots
  • faster acceleration
  • extra engine performance

The regulator enhances engine
performance on acceleration by enriching the mixture strength.  On
constant throttle and cruise conditions the valve returns to a normal
regulator function.
The Power Boost Valve is simple to install and
in most instances basic fitting instructions are provided.  These units
are mechanical and are considered to be maintenance free.
We thank
you for your interest in FSE products and hope that this bulletin
provides you with enough information to answer any questions when
making a purchase.

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