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Forge Transmission Cooler Kit for Nissan GTR35 Pre 2011 FMTCR35


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Forge Transmission Cooler Kit for Nissan GTR35 Pre 2011 FMTCR35

Product Description

To produce this transmission cooler for the R35 GTR, we’ve teamed up

with one of the world leaders when it comes to oil cooling, Mocal, and

together we have produced a comprehensive kit that relies on both

companies expertise and delivers excellent results

The cooler itself is a massive 25 row 235mm wide Mocal unit, fully

ducted into the spare duct on the front bumper which improves the

coolers efficiency. It’s fed by braided -8 lines and Aeroquip hose

aluminium hose ends. The pump is Mocal’s own, delivering an amazing 5

litres of transmission oil every 30 seconds to the cooler – enough to

completely change the oil in the transmission every minute!

The transmission cooler is thermostatically controlled so only comes

on when the transmission oil reaches 100 deg C (212 deg F), and turns

off again at 95 deg C (203 deg F). This allows the transmission to reach

a temperature that burns off any water based contaminants in the oil

(e.g. condensation) before the cooler cuts in.

During our track testing in 22 C ambient (72 F), a 20 minute hard

drive around Silverstone saw transmission temperatures of just 112 C

(234 F) maximum, and during a 2.5 mile cool down lap, the cooler brought

the temperatures down to the point the cooler turned off, i.e. below 95

C (203 F)

This is a COMPLETE kit – all nuts/bolts/brackets are included,

together with a genuine Nissan sump gasket, and a bespoke wiring harness

with all the connections pre-made. A CD is included that provides a

full colour installation guide around 40 pages long. This cooler adds 2

litres of oil to the system so please take that into account when you

are purchasing the oil for this installation.

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