Chip Tuning Box for Audi Seat Skoda VW 1.8 TSi 2.0 TFSi S3, TT, Golf Leon ++

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Chip Tuning Box for Audi Seat Skoda VW 1.8 TSi 2.0 TFSi S3, TT, Golf Leon ++

Worlds Smallest Tuning Box

Thanks to the compact design, this tuning box can be installed directly under the engine cover. This reduces the installation efforts and lends effective protection from prying eyes. 

Your benefits at a glance:

Easy to install 

3 Step installation process that takes only a few minutes - complete instructions are supplied (when ordering please state which vehicle you have for exact instructions for that model)

Noticeably more power 

In order to increase the engine performance, the internal processor of Micro-Chiptuning monitors the signals of the engine control unit and modifies these according to its programming.
This tuning facilitates a power and torque increase of up to 20% for the engine by exploiting the manufacturer´s tolerances!

Reduce fuel consumption

By taking advantage of the higher torque gears sooner and at lower speed ranges. 
As a result, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Developed for the automotive industry

The electronics are encapsulated in epoxy resin and all male and female parts are waterproof and comply with the IP68 degree of protection, exceeding the required IP65 standards.

Return to standard without any trace

Returning the car back to standard is just as easy as the installation. After removing, the performance increase is no longer detectable. Only original connectors are used. No cables need to be soldered or crimped.

For all CR Diesel and TDI / TSI turbo petrol

In all vehicles with diesel particulate filter, all-wheel drive, 
automatic transmission shift as / DSG our tuning box can be installed safely. 

16;Audi;A3 (8P);1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
99;Seat;Toledo III 5P;2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
107;VW;Golf VI;1.8 TSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
159;Audi;A3 (8P);2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
166;Audi;A4 (B7);2.0 TFSI;170 PS;125 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
167;Audi;A4 (B7);2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
168;Audi;A4 (B7);2.0 TFSI;220 PS;162 kW;300 Nm;;MCT.B2T
178;Audi;A6 (C6);2.0 TFSI;170 PS;125 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
185;Audi;TT (8J);2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
186;Audi;TT (8J);TTS 2.0 TFSI;272 PS;200 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
233;Seat;Leon (1P);2.0 TFSI;185 PS;136 kW;270 Nm;;MCT.B2T
234;Seat;Leon (1P);2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
242;VW;Eos;2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
245;VW;Passat (B6);2.0 TFSI Euro4;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
248;VW;Tiguan I (5N);2.0 TFSI 4motion;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
252;VW;Golf VI;2.0 R 4motion;270 PS;199 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
257;VW;Scirocco III;2.0 TSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
258;VW;Scirocco III;R TSI;265 PS;195 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1002;VW;Golf V;2.0 GTI TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1007;Seat;Leon (1P);2.0 TFSI Cupra R;265 PS;195 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1193;Skoda;Superb II 3T;1.8 TSI +4x4;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1196;Skoda;Octavia II 1Z;2.0 RS TFSI Euro 4;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1198;Skoda;Octavia II 1Z;1.8 TSI +4x4;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1205;Seat;Altea;2.0 TFSI (+4x4);200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1280;Skoda;Yeti 5L;1.8 TSI 4x4;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1567;Audi;A3 (8P);S3 2.0 TFSI;265 PS;195 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1720;Audi;Q3 (8U);2.0 TFSI;170 PS;125 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1722;Audi;TT (8J);1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1726;Seat;Altea;1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1728;Seat;Exeo;2.0 TFSI;200 PS;147 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1730;Seat;Toledo III 5P;1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1735;Seat;Leon (1P);1.8 TSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1736;Seat;Leon (1P);2.0 TFSI Copa Edition;286 PS;210 kW;360 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1737;Seat;Leon (1P);2.0 TFSI Cupra 310 Li.Ed.;310 PS;228 kW;425 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1744;VW;Passat (B6);1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1764;VW;Golf VI;2.0 GTI Edition 35;235 PS;173 kW;300 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1774;VW;Tiguan I (5N);2.0 TFSI 4motion;170 PS;125 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1991;Audi;A1 (8X);2.0 TFSI;256 PS;188 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
1992;Audi;A3 (8P);S3 2.0 TFSI;256 PS;188 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2139;Audi;Q5 (8R);2.0 TFSI;220 PS;162 kW;300 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2165;VW;Eos;2.0 TFSI;220 PS;162 kW;300 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2180;VW;Golf VI;2.0 R 4motion;256 PS;188 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2181;VW;Golf VI;2.0 R 4motion;265 PS;195 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2187;VW;Jetta V;2.0 TFSI;170 PS;125 kW;280 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2207;VW;Scirocco III;R TSI;256 PS;188 kW;330 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2209;VW;Sharan II (7N);1.8 TSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
2307;VW;Polo V;2.0 R WRC;220 PS;162 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3303;VW;Passat (B7);1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3308;VW;Passat CC;1.8 TFSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3475;Skoda;Yeti 5L;1.8 TSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3476;Skoda;Superb II 3T;1.8 TSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3477;Skoda;Octavia II 1Z;1.8 TSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3502;Audi;TT (8J);TTS 2.0 TFSI;265 PS;195 kW;350 Nm;;MCT.B2T
3593;VW;Amarok;2.0 TSI;160 PS;118 kW;300 Nm;;MCT.B2T
4104;VW;CC;1.8 TSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
4105;VW;CC;1.8 TSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
4115;VW;Passat (B6);1.8 TFSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
4116;VW;Passat (B7);1.8 TFSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
4118;VW;Passat CC;1.8 TFSI;152 PS;112 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T
4145;Seat;Alhambra II;1.8 TSI;160 PS;118 kW;250 Nm;;MCT.B2T

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